Urban Massage Lands On iOS As Same-Hour Massage Booking Becomes A Thing — Apparently

I know a few people who are very into massages that could appreciate this app. How about you? When you don’t feel like giving your husband a massage, you can book one for him and get him off your back lol


The ‘Uber for X’ startup pitch is becoming nearly as ubiquitous as the smartphones that power these mobile-enabled on-demand services. It’s starting to feel like there’s an Uber for everything, from travel, local delivery, to doctors, dog walking, and even drugs. But, putting to one side the convenience of booking on a mobile phone, it’s not always immediately obvious how some of these so-called ‘Uber for…’ services benefit from being truly on-demand.

Urban Massage, the UK startup that offers an Uber-style massage service that bears more than a little resemblance to U.S.-based Zeel, is one example, prompting me to ask the question: is same-hour massage booking really a thing? Apparently, however, the answer is more often yes — currently 60 per cent of Urban Massage bookings take place within the hour.

“Like other on-demand apps, customers want instant gratification and pain relief is major,” Urban Massage co-founder and CEO Jack…

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